Advantages of Induction Bottle Sealing Machine

The function of the induction Sealing machine is to make caps that are used to prevent any leakage of contents from plastic and glass bottles. The cap is supplied with foil liner inserted inside it, and the bottle is filled and capped in packaging operations. The capped bottle goes under the electromagnetic wave, emitted by an induction cap Sealing machine.

The process in which it works is very simple: a high-frequency state induced by a Sealing head heats only the foil liner. Then it penetrates the cap and the heat foil layer rapidly melts a polymer coating that forms a hermetic seal with the lip of the bottle. Some of the frequent packaging applications of induction cap sealer machine include inner seals for ketchup, relish, water, milk, juice, barbeque sauce, mustard, drug, coffee cream, etc.

Induction cap sealer has a lot of advantages: it prevents leaks during handling and storage, prevents the air to go inside the bottle, improves shelf life of the products, and enhances customer satisfaction. The ways in which bottle caps are used to seal the openings are varied. For glass bottles, a small circular piece of metal with plastic backings is used, while plastic bottles use a plastic cap.

Induction”>bottle Sealing machines are manufactured by a number of companies. It is because of this that we have bottle caps in various colours and designs. Very often they are colourfully decorated with the logo of the brand of the beverage. Generally, plastic bottle caps are made of different types of plastic that may be of the type of plastic used in the bottle itself. These caps may not be recyclable.

A sophisticated induction cap sealer machine can help you do the capping in various ways and for various types of bottles. You can use them to seal champagne bottles with corks, aluminium caps. You can get these machines at competitive rates after good market research and price comparisons.

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