An Introduction to Types of Shower Soaps

An Introduction to Types of Shower Soaps

Once upon a time, shower soap was not much of a topic for discussion. Soap was nearly always the same- square, white bars which sat in your shower soap dish and performed daily cleaning tasks. Today, the liquid soap market is one of the fastest growing areas in cosmetics. Liquid shower soaps and gels are sold to almost every demographic group out there- from children, to middle school and high school boys, tweens, young women in high school and college all the way to adults and even seniors.

Today’s body wash market represents a billion dollar industry that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Over 63% of consumers now use a body wash, shower gel, or shower moisturizer of some kind in their homes, partially due to the expansion of the shower soap marketing to every member of the household.

Shower soaps are a convenient and hygienic alternative to traditional bar soap. They don’t make as much scum to wash out and they can really have some great lasting effects – not just on keeping you clean, but also keeping you emotionally healthy as well! Some of the categories of shower soap are discussed here:

Moisturizing Shower Lotions:

The number one seller of liquid shower soap in the country also happens to be a leader in the moisturizer category. Many people who experience dry or tight skin are looking to find a product that both cleans and moisturizes. Shower lotions are products with added skin conditioning agents to help the skin retain its moisture all day long.

Scented Shower Soaps: Of course, people love attractive scents. Scented soaps are some of the biggest sellers on the market, with products ranging from fruity smells, fruit fusions or combinations, and more exotic scents like vanilla or sandalwood. Many people are beginning to use scented shower gels as fragrance alternatives, preferring the clean smell of their shower product to heavy perfumes or colognes. Some people, however, are allergic to heavy perfumes or colognes and it will cause major problems.

Aromatherapy Shower Scents:

In a slightly different category than simply scented shower soaps, aromatherapy products emphasize the effects on mood the product can provide. These scents might include lavender for preparing for sleep or relieving stress, sensual scents such as jasmine, or invigorating scents such as rosemary or mint to energize you for the morning. These types of scents can really help your stress level go way down when you leave a stressful workplace. This should be a peaceful time of day for you, and these types of scents can help!

Mens Shower Soaps:

One of the biggest growth categories for liquid shower soaps is the teenage and adult male demographic. Men’s products typically feature benefits such as long lasting deodorizing action. Men have a choice of traditional scents or more trendy or daring ingredients that make buying the product more likely. Some of the biggest sellers for young men concentrate on previously unheard of ingredients- mud, sand, or dragon-fruit for example- sold as limited editions. Most people would think that these types of products are only for use by females, but a lot of the rise in this demographic is due to commercials like Axe deodorant and other such ways of encouraging men and teenagers to focus on the way they present themselves.

With all of these choices on the market, shower soap is a product that is clearly on the rise. Most people choose to use these products in combination with loofah sponges, or shower poufs, but traditional washcloths can certainly be used as well. A potential downfall in using these products is the potential for the product to be wasted. This can happen when the bottle is dropped in a bathtub and is diluted and contaminated, or when simply too much of the product is poured put of the bottle during a shower or bath. One way to eliminate this problem is through the use of a wall mounted shower soap dispenser. These dispensers, once seen only in European hotels, are becoming more and more popular for use in the home. They make for a great bathroom experience and can greatly reduce your mess!

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