Benefits of Label Dispenser and Applicator

Almost all consumer goods and pharmaceutical products come with a label pasted on the container – be it bottle or carton or whatever. Label Applicator/ label dispenser vastly improves the speed and efficiency of your packaging line. Depending on the volume of your labeling workload and consistent with your budget, you can buy stand-alone label dispenser or applicator as a complete print / apply system.

You have a wide range of label machines available in the market that have the versatility to apply stickers from any position – top, side or bottom and can be made to fit into your specific requirement. You may decide whether you need a flexible dispenser to apply many different tag formats or a repetitive high speed applicator. But the fact remains that the key benefits of applicator are speed, efficiency and neat identical placement of labels.

It can be said that label dispenser pays for itself in the long run. The applicator is very easy to operate. It calls for minimum maintenance. They are also not cost-effective because they reduce the labor cost and immeasurably enhance the speed of labeling. Besides, the labeling is perfect is perfect and adds to the aesthetics of the packaging.

Research studies show that using a dispenser you consume 3 seconds for pasting each label, whereas manual labeling takes around 8 seconds. Therefore those 5 seconds that is saved on each label results in an expenditure decrease of more than 1% for each label that works to more than 50% of total saving.

Label applicators, simply stated, are machines that manually or automatically apply printed tags to packaged products. Broadly speaking, there are three types of label dispensers:

1. Manual Label Dispenser. This is meant for small businesses or for light-duty types. To manage manual dispensing machine, you need to pull a liner round the platter, which will make the tag to peel off of its base. These dispensers will perform relatively slowly and there could also be some wastage of stickers.

2. Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser. These dispensers are widely bought compared to fully manual or automatic dispensers. This is principally due to the wide variety of applications that semi automatic dispenser offers.

3. Automatic Label Dispenser. The automatic dispenser is highly beneficial for manufacturers that have heavy volumes of labeling work – for which a semi-automatic machine may prove inadequate. These machines helps save time, labor, money and you need fewer operators to complete the job.

4. Hand held applicators are devices that dispense a label when a button or level is pressed while simultaneously being rolled over product packaging. The benefits of hand held applicators are they are affordable priced, simple to operate, easy portability and moderate speed application. The built-in spring -loaded pressure arm ensures labels are affixed firmly and without wrinkles. Hand held applicators can be used in home, office or cottage industries.

To sum up, label dispensers and applicators reduces labor costs, minimizes operator fatigue, prevents label wastage, cost-effective, simple to operate as well as maintain. Label machines are widely used by different industry segments like cosmetics, gifts article, fancy goods, agriculture, consumer products, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Source by Richard Shan

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