Cleaning Your Plastic Hangers

The best way to store your clothes wrinkle free is to use hangers. They come in different colors and materials. They are made of metal, plastic, wood etc. Some of them can be used to store your shirt and trousers as well. However, these handy items are given less importance in terms of maintenance. Little do we realize that they have to be cleaned and maintained dust free so that the clothes are also clean. A little care occasionally will be very useful to increase their durability.

Here is a simple method of cleaning your plastic hangers. Things you require for cleaning are a dish detergent, water and a bathtub. First, gather all and lay them inside the bathtub. If your tub is large you can use as many as it can hold. Fill it with water and make sure that it does not overflow. After filling the tub with water add a few drops of the detergent into it. Let is mix well with the water and leave the tub with the solution for about 15 minutes. If you find any stubborn dirt you can slightly scrub it to remove the dirt.

Drain the dirty liquid completely. Refill the tub with clean water and rinse the plastic hangers well so that they are clean and free of soap. To remove the moisture from them you can either dry them in the sun for a while or use a soft cloth and wipe them dry. You can use neat and clean hangers to hang your clothes.

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