Different Types of Glassware

Glass items utilized in tableware settings are usually classified as “glassware” and are used to describe the drinking vessels of a table setting. Additionally, the terminology is used to describe objects manufactured from glass. In the catering industry, glassware usually refers to any drinking vessel, even if it is made from plastic materials such as polycarbonate or polystyrene.

Most retailers today carry four types of glassware in their product line-ups, specifically:

Barware – beer mugs and pitchers
Crystal – elegant forms of glassware such as carafes and flutes
Everyday Glassware – the more common forms of glasses used for beer, iced tea, juice, or water
Stemware – champagne and wine glasses

Whether a person chooses to mix different types of glassware or purchase matching sets is purely a matter of individual taste. Either way, there is no hard and fast rule about mixing or not mixing glassware in your collection. Depending on the types of drinks and foods you are planning to serve, there is glassware available for every occasion. Being aware of the each type of glassware that you need is paramount when selecting the type of glassware you want for your table.

Glassware Market Trends

Just like any other consumer industry, there are certain market trends to be aware of in the glassware industry as well. Currently, the following 4 trends are apparent:

* Cocktail glasses, whether they are the classic version or vintage cocktail shakers, are gaining in popularity again. These are used to create ambiance and add a sense of glamour that makes enjoying a drink more like a festive event or occasion.

* Cut crystal manufactured in the 1930’s continues to be an excellent purchase for collectors. It is not uncommon to find sets in styles similar to the modern day collections. Due to the fact that it is more often second-hand quality rather than antique, you won’t have the overly inflated price tag that is attached to antique glassware.

* Mixing more modern styles the older types is an increasingly popular trend. For instance, the industry has witnessed an increase in the buying of champagne bowls, both the more modern ones and those manufactured in the 1950’s. People would normally only buy champagne flutes in the past.

* Huge red wine glasses that were prevalent everywhere several years back are no longer as popular as they once were. People are beginning to realize that they can finish a bottle of expensive champagne or wine by filling a couple of these. Additionally, the amount of alcohol an individual can consume without being affected also comes into consideration. Smaller glasses are gaining in popularity once again.

Common Types of Glassware

Although there are several schools of thought about the different categories of glassware, the following is a list of the 7 most common categories in the industry today:

Beer glassware
Coffee mugs
Drinking glasses
Shot glasses
Wine glasses

Finally, be aware of the fact that not all glassware is dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed in order to care for it properly.

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