Do Most People Like the Taste of Bee Pollen Granules and Capsules?

One of the most common questions that people considering a bee pollen-based supplement asks is how the pollen will taste. After all, if you intend to consume up to two tablespoons of loose pollen granules per day, you’ll taste a lot of it. The truth is that the flavor of bee pollen varies significantly according to the supplier and the plant species the pollen comes from. The same pollen can even seem to taste a little different from one person to another. Overall, however, most people get used to the taste of bee pollen eventually and have little to no trouble consuming this supplement.

Normal Bee Pollen Flavors
The flavor of your pollen supplement from bee is based on the flowers that provided the pollen. Many people describe the basic taste of this food as floral. Others experience their supplements as bittersweet in flavor. A small percentage of people feel that bee pollen tastes earthy or has a flavor similar to that of dirt, but these users are in the minority. Most people find that they don’t really like pollen in the beginning, due to its gritty texture and unfamiliar taste. Over time, however, many users grow to actively enjoy the flavor of their supplements.

When Your Pollen Tastes Wrong
Sometimes even people who enjoy the flavor of pollen discover that their new bottle tastes bad. This could be due to contamination or poor handling during shipping or processing. If you get a batch of bee pollen that tastes strongly bitter, moldy or otherwise spoiled, don’t keep using it. There’s a good chance that the pollen is no longer nutritionally sound. In extreme cases, it might even be unsafe to use. Get rid of the bottle or take it back to your retailer for one that doesn’t have that unpleasant taste.

Solutions for the Taste of Bee Pollen
If it turns out that you’re someone who doesn’t like the way pollen from bee tastes, you don’t have to stick with it. You can still get the same benefits from your supplement by choosing a brand that offers pollen in capsule form. These products are available in normal, kosher/halal gelatin and non-gelatin versions. The capsule itself tastes faintly sweet and sticky, but the flavor of the pollen doesn’t come through. Since the capsule itself dissolves in your stomach, you’ll be able to get all the usual benefits of bee pollen without having to deal with a taste you find unpleasant.

It can take some time to get used to the way that bee pollen tastes, but you’ll probably find that you like it in time. Start out with a small dose and try mixing it with a drink or meal until you get used to it. You’ll soon be able to enjoy this supplement’s great nutritional benefits, as well as its unique flavor.

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