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Terracotta is no longer confined to just the roofs but is now being increasingly used inside the house as well. Take your pick from a myriad of options ranging from tiles and murals to pots, bowls, figurines and of course the most popular Pots. A water-filled Pots in deep red tones with Candles and fresh flowers floating inside is a beautiful way to add a welcoming touch to your home.

Apart from adding an earthy and close-to-nature touch, terracotta also has the advantage of being more economical and relatively maintenance-free than its other metal counterparts. Terracotta artifacts are plentiful enough to suit any budget and are available almost anywhere, be it at a state or cottage emporium, an exclusive dealer, a craft bazaar or even at a roadside stall.

Terracotta murals are a rage now and they make an attractive visual focal point in a room. At times adding a terracotta mural to our living room, where we can entertain friends can be a fantastic idea because not only do we get to hear so many compliments but it also turns out to be a great party conversation starter. However, if you don’t want to go to the mural way, then another option is to go warm, honey-colored wall with terracotta sponge effect, in the kitchen or the living room, makes for a very cozy ambience.

To create an intimate look, using buffed or glazed terracotta tiles for the flooring in the bedroom or in the dinning room is an aesthetic as well as useful option. Not only are these tiles available in many different shapes and hues, but they also help keep the area cool. Warm and traditional, these tiles add a charming and cozy effect to these most used areas of the house. Depending on where you want to use terracotta in the house you can choose from a variety of artifacts. Tiles and garden pots for the patio or the living room, bowls and curios for the mantelpiece, figurines, lamps and masks in the balcony, the options are plenty. The ageless aesthetic appeal of terracotta never dies and is it in fact relatively easy to maintain. Usually a weekly dusting or wiping suffices. These artifacts add dash f elegance and also age gracefully.

Terracotta offers infinite possibilities to enhance the beauty of a garden as well. The rustic brown-red tone of natural terracotta complements the green color of the plants. Add small or large terracotta planters with some colorful plants and add a gargoyle statuette in glazed terracotta or even a bird bath to a garden and we’re done. Equestrian or animal figurines in terracotta are also a popular pick to decorate the garden or even to add a welcoming ethnic touch to the doorstep. These days, another popular option is to get the nameplate at the door done in glazed terracotta in vibrant colors.

Whatever your requirement may be, terracotta is becoming an increasingly popular decoration pick for both homeowners and designers of commercial spaces. The timeless beauty and the aesthetic appeal of terracotta is one thing that will never go out of fashion.

Simple Affordable Decor

Simple affordable décor can brighten up any space and make a house a home. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a pretty and cozy look. All you need is some imagination.

Let’s begin with the walls. Instead of going in for huge paintings or murals, frame photographs taken by yourself or by members of your family and hang them up. For a rustic look put up tribal or folk art. They are easily available and most affordable. Just a new coat of paint on the walls can transform your home. Or else get only one wall painted in a contrasting color. If you have young children, put up a felt board in their bedroom or even in the living room and pin up their works of art, posters, sketches, cards etc. This not only makes the room look more colorful, it gives a very personal touch to your home.

Indoor Spaces

Indoor plants with plain or decorative pots are an inexpensive, simple way to beautify spaces. A single long stemmed rose or a sprig of orchids in a long slender vase or slender old bottle looks classy. Even a money plant creeper put in a vase filled with water looks nice. With sleek, clean, straight lines being popular, the simple look is very in.

Indian durries or rugs and even Carpets pep up the floor. Since good carpets are both expensive and difficult to maintain, a small rug could be all that is needed to lift up a living space. The Carpet is ideal for living rooms, yoga and meditation rooms and other spaces. Colorful cushion covers and pillowcase bring cheer to any room, instantly. Readymade cushions with covers in cottons, hand block prints, patchwork, and handlooms are available in many stores. Instead of investing in new lighting, adding a new lampshade, paper lanterns and paper lamps to your room will give it a nice glow. Carpet blinds for windows look simple yet very elegant. Readymade cotton and handloom curtains are fairly reasonably priced and can be changed once in six months or so to give your room a new look.

Hand Woven Wonders

Low hand-woven seats and chairs, which are available at many state government emporia and at home décor exhibitions, are useful and affordable. Add a cushion or two and you have simple seating arrangement. Cover old tea boxes with pretty table clothes and convert them into sideboards or side tables. A single bed can be transformed into an attractive divan, which works as a sofa during the daytime and a bed at night.

Terracotta artifacts like Pots, figures, ashtrays, pots, idols and vases add a touch to your home. Simple, basic cane furniture like sofa sets, centre table with a glass top, dust bins. Dining table and chairs and beds with side tables is a practical options for a young couple just setting up home. Add a few earthenware artifacts, ceramic accessories and stoneware to complete the look.

Steal a Deal

Scout around wholesale stores, economy bazaars, flea markets, art snatches and government emporia and you will hit upon a bargain for your home. And not all handicraft and lifestyle stores stock only high-end, expensive products. Look around and you’ll find some simple and affordable home accessories.

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