High Fructose Corn Syrup Should Be Avoided at All Costs

High fructose corn syrup is also known as HFCS, or corn sugar. It is one of the most common artificial sweeteners contained in sodas, and most of the other flavored drinks. It is also added to most foods. For these reasons, you need to understand the health implications of consuming high fructose corn syrup.

What is high fructose corn syrup, or corn sugar?
I will explain fructose first, and then corn syrup next. Fructose is a simple sugar that is extracted from many plants. It is more soluble than glucose. Glucose is another simple sugar. Glucose and fructose are generally combined to make sucrose, which is the table sugar you use.

Corn syrup is derived from corn starch, and is a glucose-laden syrup. Corn syrup, in its natural state, does not contain any fructose. However, in the late 1950’s, scientists discovered a way to transform glucose into fructose. This resulted into the mass production of corn sugar. Since the late 1980’s, corn sugar has replaced table sugar and honey, in almost every single product. However, several studies have concluded that HFCS is linked to a number of health concerns.

High fructose corn syrup should be avoided at all costs.
Here are the main reasons you should avoid this product at all costs:

HFCS causes weight gain:
Research has proven that laboratory rats that are fed HFCS, gain 3 times more weight than those fed with fruit-derived sugar.

HFCS causes diabetes:
When you consume HFCS over many years, you are at a very high risk of contracting Type-2 diabetes.

High fructose corn syrup causes hypertension:
HFCS not only makes you fat, it also makes your heart fat, causing your triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels to increase significantly. High levels of bad cholesterol is a recipe for hypertension.

HFCS damages the liver:
Your liver processes HFCS, just like it is responsible for processing any other food. Unfortunately, the processing of HFCS ends up scarring the liver in the long run.

HFCS contains mercury:
Studies found that corn sugar unfortunately contains mercury, and mercury is very toxic for the body.

If you want to avoid the health issues that stem from consuming processed corn sugar, or HFCS, you should stay away from artificially flavored drinks, and artificially sweetened foods. For example, drink water instead of soda. In addition, you should select your cereals very carefully, as most of them contain high fructose corn syrup. Learn to enjoy vegetables, organic fruits, whole-grain, and low fat yogurt. Avoid candies and pastries.

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