How to Elongate the Lifespan of Your Very Own Bouncy Castle

How to Elongate the Lifespan of Your Very Own Bouncy Castle

When installing a bouncy castle at the backyard of your house, the safety of the user will be the first thing to strike you. While concentrating on the safety standards you might forget to ask the company about the ways of maintaining the inflatables at home. Well, if it is not done properly, you might have to take it to the repairing station quite often. Apart from giving you a lot of pocket-squeeze, continuous up and down to the repairing stations at regular intervals might leave you completely unnerved. Hence, when renting the jumping house for your residence, make sure you ask for a maintenance guidebook.

Well, even if you forget, you can purchase the chemicals or the liquid cleaners from the market and apply it on the bouncy castle. However, these chemicals can be harmful as well, if not washed properly, especially when have rented the inflatables for the kids’ usage. Instead of purchasing a chemical disinfectant, you can make your own from the home ingredients.

• Get a spray bottle from the market and pour three cups of water in it.

• Add one cup of white vinegar and 2tsp. dish soap.

• Shake the bottle to dissolve the liquid soap.

• It is advised to clean the jumping castle part by part, so that it might appear to be a great task for you.

• Spray the homemade liquid on the bounce house and wipe it with a white cloth. Wait until it dries and then deflate it.

While cleaning, make sure you don’t allow the children to stay nearby.

Maintenance of Bouncy Castle:

Apart from cleaning the air-filled playhouse, it is equally essential to maintain it well in order to keep it working for long.

• Allow limited users to jump on the fluffy playground. Don’t over-burden the jumping castle with excessive weight that it cannot take.

• Always keep the ground clean. Even a single debris cab can damage the jump house.

• After use, it is suggested to deflate it and keep it in the bag.

• Be careful while cleaning the inflatable. It the disinfectant liquid should not get inside any of the electric valve.

• Do a thorough check-up of the bounce house at regular intervals.

• Don’t allow the users to get inside the inflatable wearing shoes or when carrying any sort of sharp objects.

When renting the bouncy castle, check that it is insured and therefore it has undergone PIPA test. With the online facilities, hiring these castles has become easier and faster.

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