Jack Lalanne Juicer Review – The Power Juicer Classic

It is pretty likely that most of us have seen the power juicer infomercial by Jack LaLanne, it has been all over the T.V! Jack Lalanne truly is the American godfather of health and fitness. Jack preaches what he practices. At 95 years of age, he is looks fantastic, and even exercise two hours each day! An hour and a half weight training and half an hour in the pool. He really is the genuine article when it come to healthy eating and exercise.

In the infomercial Jack Lalanne conveys how juicing fruits and vegetables is an essential aspect of his healthy eating practice and well being. He explains that he has helped develop the power juicer so they can extract a lot more juice from fruits and vegetables. The power juicer site states that the power juicers extract “up to 30% more juice than other juicers”.

I have been using a Jack LaLanne power juicer classic for over a year now, this is my review…


1) This juicer is nice and solid when assembled and stays pretty steady during juicing.

2) The juicer operates amazingly quiet. Other juicer can be a lot more noisy. So I agree with the website statement “the power juicer operates whisper quiet”.

3) The power juicer has a large shoot. A lot of fruits and vegetables fit through the chute whole or by simply halving them.

4) The juicer includes a very useful pulp collector that attaches to the rear. The pulp can be used in many different recipes. When I juice carrots, I add the pulp into soups or for filling out homemade turkey burgers. Tomato pulp is versatile, you can use it for soups, dips and salsa.

5) The reliability of the juicer has been perfect so far. I use the juicer practically daily and haven’t had a problem yet; it is holding up great


1) The plastic will get stained, particularly from orange coloured produce such as oranges and carrots. Cleaning the power juicer directly after using it will help minimize the staining, although not completely eliminate it. However, individual parts are available to buy, if the staining gets too unsightly for you.

2) For my specific model “the power juicer classic” the spout is static. This gets annoying because juice will keep slowly dripping onto your counter top once you remove the cup or glass. The good news is that the more expensive power juicer models are designed with a spout you can manually lift up, avoiding this dripping problem

3) Some of the harder produce do need a bit more oomph to get them through than is stated in the instructions. The instructions conclude that you just need to apply only slight pressure for everything, which is mostly true. However, harder vegetables like carrots can get a stuck at the bottom of the chute, requiring some extra effect to get them through.

Conclusion: For the most part I find the power juicer classic is a great juicer and I am happy with its performance. I don’t think you will find a better juicer for the $100 it costs, you may even find it cheaper by shopping about. When I buy my next juicer, I will most likely go for a slightly more expensive model with the drip free spout! If your interested in buying a power juicer you can visit hubpages.com/hub/Jack-LaLanne-Juicer-Review-The-Power-Juicer-Classic

Source by Darren Haynes

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