Make Homemade Soap – 5 Tips

Make Homemade Soap – 5 Tips

Make homemade soap and witness a grand change right before your very eyes. Behold a chemical marvel that a mixture of water, fats, oils and caustic lye turns into mild body soap just by combining it all in the right proportions. This is a simple to do process, but there are several places to go wrong. Here are 5 tips to get it right.

1. Simple soap.

There is no need to start with very complex soap recipes that use all kinds of exotic ingredients. Simple combinations of two or three oils can make soap that has lots of lather and a luxury feel. The standard basic oils to look for are coconut, palm and olive. Those are really the only oils you need.

2. Soap without lye?

Can you make soap without lye? No. At least not standard bar and liquid soap. Soap is a combination of lye and fats. That’s what it is. But… You can buy soap base that will melt and then you can scent and color it to your heart’s desire. Somebody else dealt with the lye, so you don’t have to. That’s a good option for a start.

3. What about molds?

Soap turns from a liquid to a harder form as it cools and chemically reacts. The mold makes the shape. Most any plastic box will work. Many soapmakers use wooden or plastic boxes that come apart for cleaning. The come-apart feature also makes it easy to get the soap out. These molds usually make loaves of soap. Often you can get a cutter made to fit the size of the mold. To start, most any plastic box works.

4. Recipes, recipes?

Soap recipes are everywhere. Some work well. Others don’t. Design your own recipes once you learn how. Learning isn’t so easy though. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Find a simple recipe with just a few ingredients and have a go at it. That’s the way to learn. That and getting some good information on how to build recipes…

5. It doesn’t smell?

Most beginners don’t use enough scent. After all, the scent oils are expensive. Often recipes call for too little scent. Use too little and you wasted it all. If you can’t smell it, it’s called unscented soap. Find out how much scent to use and use enough.

Make homemade soap and you’ve created a really interesting art piece. It is a process that most anyone can learn. There are all kinds of opportunities to express your individual creativity and skills. Soap is useful, but it’s also fun and interesting.

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