Multifunctional Industrial Mixers (Cooker& Cooler& Mixer) are configurable for many different applications, some examples are processed cheese, dressings, sauces, baby food, confectionery fillings, almond paste, mayonnaise & ketchup and be able to handle with different tasks such as mixing, heating up, cooling, grinding, emulsifying, size reduction, direct or indirect cooking under vacuum, deaerating (vacuum) and homogenizing.

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  • AISI 304 quality stainless steel material
  • Bowl capacity: 200 liters
  • Sight glass with wiper on the lid
  • Product processing capacity: max. 170 liters/ batch
  • Processing temperature: max 95 °C
  • Automatic opening & locking of lid
  • Automatic tilting
  • Direct steam injection, 4 nozzles
  • Double jacket (Heating/ cooling)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Discharge valve
  • PLC and touch screen
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Thermometer
  • Water cooled mechanical double seal
  • Frequency controlled main motor: 3 knives with 0-3000 rpm
  • Scrapper’s motor and gearbox
  • Steam separation & filtration & pressure regulation station
  • Vacuum condenser for cooling & dehumidifying
  • AISI 316 quality stainless steel material
  • Processing temperature: max 125 °C
  • Buffer tank
  • Discharge pump
  • Mass flowmeter
  • Flooring funnel for adding raw materials
  • Inline mechanical homogenizer-FetaCUT
  • Lifter
  • Short batch time
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to integrate in a production line
  • PLC process controlling system
  • Component from the most reliable brands
  • Configurable for many different applications
  • Complete product emptying (Minimal losses)

About InoxBey


Videos Showcasing InoxBey owned by Al Hariri Group
Inoxbey Factory in Sakaraya, Türkiye

InoxBey Food and Beverage Production Lines, Filling, and Packing Machinery

  • Plain Yogurt and pasteurized milk equipment
  • Kashkaval cheese making production lines
  • Butter and cream
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Halloumi cheese
  • White cheese
  • Water Filtration and Bottling Plants
  • Oil and Beverage Automatic Filling Machines
  • Ice Cream Making Machines
  • Frozen Yogurt Shops
  • Cake Bakery Shop
  • Olive Oil Pressing and Filling Machines 250 – 5000 kg/hr
  • Fruits and Vegetables Washing and packing machines
  • Medical fluids Making and Filling machines.
  • Hummus Fully Automatic Making and Packing Plant
  • Frozen French Fries Making Lines 250-2000 kg/hr

InoxBey Offers Design Concept to Full Operation Turnkey Solutions  

We are with you all the way. Contact us if you are planning to build a project or many projects.  We can help you with the design and construction of:

  • Ice Cream Parlor Shops
  • Frozen Yogurt Shops
  • Pastry, Bakery and Confectionary Shops
  • Fast Food Franchise Restaurants and Shops
  • and more.

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