The Ballpark Beer Dispenser Evolves

Anyone who has ever stood in line for ages and ages at the ballpark waiting to get their plastic cup refilled with beer should rejoice – there’s revolution on the wind! That is, the new Bottoms Up beer dispenser is set to roll out to a ballpark near you and should cut that line down by a considerable amount. What’s the benefit to the Bottoms Up dispensing system? Well, the name does say it all.

First, you won’t have to worry about the attendants filling up cups – it’s an automated system now. In addition, there’s no more worry about filling your cup half full of foam. The new Bottoms Up system is exactly that. It fills your cup from the bottom up. How’s that supposed to work, you ask?

You’ll have to buy a special cup, for starters. These will be sold onsite, so don’t let that worry you. In the bottom of the cup is a special valve. Using magnets, the system opens the valve at the bottom of the cup, and fills it with beer (little foam and no wait). It can fill cups at a rate of one pint per second. Since those little plastic cups are nowhere near a pint, you can expect it to take less than a full second to get your refill and be back on your way to the game once more. Once filled, the valve closes again, sealing the cup and keeping your precious beer safely in the cup.

To highlight their achievement, the developers released a YouTube video of them filling 56 beers in a minute flat – that’s a serious cutback in the amount of time you can expect to stand in line. Of course, you’ll still have to stand in line and still have to pay ballpark prices for that beer, but things are looking up nonetheless. The developers expect the system to sell well, and it should be in place in quite a few of the nation’s ballparks in a year’s time.

For those eagerly awaiting the release of the home system, so that you can get from the kitchen to the recliner even faster, you’ll have to wait. There most certainly is a home system in the works, but it’s not slated to hit the market until 2013 – that’s another two years to wait for bottom filling technology at the house. Well, it just gives you a better excuse to head to the ballpark in the meantime.

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