Types of Die Cutting Machines

The need for efficiency and innovation has never been more prevalent than it is with the industrial sector. The pressing need for high quality and seamless products results to new technologies that reduces risk and human intervention while still maintaining profitability to the company. Business owners and professionals who are looking for ways to reduced labor while still increasing their company’s and service performance would benefit from acquiring industrial machinery such as a die cutting machine.

Die Cutting Machines

Die cutting machines allows for a simpler operation especially for industrial companies involve in leather, chemical fiber, cotton textile and other companies that needs their products in a particular form or shape. These machines are easy to operate and simple enough that the risk to a person’s safety is low. Below are just some of the die cutting machines sold in the market today.


Manual die cutting presses requires human intervention as the operator needs to place the material on the bed press and position the cutting tool to cut the required size specification. Examples of these types includes a Hydraulic Swing Arm, Travelling Head, Fixed Head or Beam and Receding Head Cutting machine Presses. Many of these machines also makes use of hydraulic power to help cut the required shape of the item.

Die constructions been used includes strip, wood or forged steel and machines can cut single or multiple layers. Examples of materials that can be used includes abrasives, carpets, clothing, electronic components, footwear such as insoles and straps, plastics, rubbers, toys, leather goods and filters.


For big companies or those who are planning to expand their operation but wants lower labor cost, purchasing an automatic cutting machine is ideal especially for 100% accuracy and predictable yields. Automatic require limited human interaction as job loads are already pre-programmed in the computer and all the operator has to do is to load the material and the desire cutting tools as well as removal of the cut materials after. Example of these machines includes Envelope, Steel to Steel, Medical-graded, Optical and Speed Cutting presses. These machines can also cut abrasives, carpets, electrical components, footwear, plastics, paper products and specialized medical products such as gaskets, dressings and filters.

The automatic machines can cut materials in single or multiple layer and many of them are equipped with mechanical depth stops for more precise cutting depth. They are also fully programmable making it easier to produce the same pattern for volume orders.

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