Want To Make Pellets by Yourself?

With people’s growing awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, the demand of wood pellet fuel for home heating is also increasing. Because this kind of fuel can not only meet a lot of today’s concerns for renewable energy, but also environmental and energy-saving.

So it is really cool pelletizing by yourself! How to make pellet by yourself?

First of all, you need a machine. Then, with proper materials and right guidance, you will naturally get your own pellets right at home.

The pelletizing procedures involve 5 main processes, they are as follows:


First of all, using a wood chipping machine to chip raw wood materials into small pieces, then these small pieces should be crushed into wood powder by hammer mills if necessary.


It has their own best moisture content when pelletizing, for this reason, drying the raw materials to an ideal moisture content before putting them into machine is a good choice. Generally, 13-15% is the best pelletizing moisture content.


After drying to ideal moisture content, the materials should be put into the machine for pelletizing. There are several pelletizing machines, such as with ring die, flat die, small scale, diesel motor etc. You can choose any one of them according to your need.


After pelletizing, the temperature is about 60-80 degree and pellets’ moisture content is about 15%. In this case, the moisture content needs to be cut down by 3%-4% or 7%-8% by using a cooling machine for storage purpose.


If the pellet is not for burning purpose directly, bagging or packing procedure is necessary because it can protect wood pellets from affecting damp and make it easy to store.

Source by Jolin Shen

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