When Employers Reject Job Seekers – They Throw Away Money!

If you are an employer, the next time you get a call from a job seeker or are approached by a walk-in, don’t’ be so quick to say you are not hiring and turn him away. Before you slam the phone or refer him to someone else, consider this-you might be throwing away your money!

How so? Well, it’s quite simple. Despite the state of the overall economy, when employers have a hiring need for highly skilled, specialized talent, it’s always a challenge finding the right fit. As an experienced manufacturing recruiter, I know how hard it is to find that skilled maintenance mechanic that’s strong electrically, mechanically, hydraulics and pneumatics, can program PLCs, and be willing to work a rotating night shift. I also know how tough it is to recruit skilled Swiss CNC Machinists, strong CNC mills/lathes CNC machinist that can write programs, a production supervisor, engineer or technician in the food, cosmetic, aerospace or medical industry, to name a few.

When your company has a need for top skilled talent, you have two choices-find him (or her) yourself, or pay money for outside help. This can be the same money that you probably threw out the window a few short months ago when you turned all those job seekers away. Now do I have your attention?

The time to recruit highly skilled manufacturing talent is NOT when production lines are down, your crew is overworked, customers are upset because of delayed shipments or poor quality products, or business is going so well, you can’t keep up… the time to recruit top talent is right NOW. Yes, even in a slow economy, or when times are so tough that you can barely keep your doors opened, the time to recruit is now.

Most of us would agree that these are tough times for many manufacturing companies, especially the small to medium-sized manufacturers; however, tough times can also be great opportunities to secure top talent, and build a database of highly skilled manufacturing talent for future staffing needs.

It’s up to you. You can either make smart choices now and built a fantastic database of highly skilled personnel, or set your sight on your current circumstances and bark at everyone who comes to your door-and then… pay later.

As an alternative to saying you are not hiring, try the following:

1. I am always very interested in retaining top talent, and would like to contact you when the need arises. I will keep this copy of your resume on file and contact you as soon as the need arises.

2. Running an ad for your highly skilled positions and stating that this is a future need. I once saw an ad which stated that the estimated date of hire was 3-6 months. To be considered, please register.

Always accept resume from walk-ins and treat them with dignity and respect. Allow them to complete job application and conduct brief interviews if you have time. This will prove to be a very valuable resource later when you are ready to hire.

Paying recruitment fees is oftentimes a necessary factor to recruit top skilled manufacturing help; however, you might find yourself throwing money out the window by letting that top talent go and having to pay for it later by running expensive ads or hiring a staffing firm.

Unless you were born in the 90s, most employers know the routine. We have been here before, and as long as people continue to walk and chew gum, the US economy will get through these times. And when we do, you might find yourself asking, ‘Now where did I put that phone number or that resume that guy sent me last year?

Source by Zenja Glass

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