Why Foam is Better Than Liquid Soap

Why Foam is Better Than Liquid Soap

One of the best ways to enjoy hand washing is with a foaming soap dispenser that gives you silky smooth foam. As you Pump the dispenser, you know that it is more convenient and easy to use as opposed to a liquid soap dispenser. Once you feel the luxurious creamy feeling, you know you want to wash your hands more often than you usually do.

Foaming soap dispensers usually has a Pump in gives you a pre-lathered form of soap. Since you do not have to rub it too hard to make dissolve the liquid soap, it makes it easier for you to wash your hands more quickly especially if you are in a hurry. When the mouse-like foam lands on your hands, it does not give you an icky sticky feel that you get from a liquid soap.

Another good thing about foaming soap dispenser is the fact that you get to save more money than liquid soap. It is said that both can help you save money because you do not get more than what is needed. While this is true, there are tendencies for liquid to run down between your fingers and leave a messy trail. This then, does not show liquid soap as being economical.

The good thing about foaming soap dispensers is its ability to create a stiff whipped form that does not drip off from your hands. It maintains its foam form until you rub your hands together. Since it has already been pre-lathered, you do not have to worry of the liquid getting stuck between your fingers undissolved or leaving residues. washing it under running water is fast and convenient since it easily rinses off without extra effort needed.

There have been negative reviews for liquid soap dispensers are of the liquid getting hard inside the Pump, making dispensing difficult. As a result, you have to press it more and before you know it by the time Pump is cleared, you have more soap than what you need. It is then best to have wall-mounted liquid dispensers similar to hand sanitizer dispensers that are user-friendly. However, since the Pump is upside down, there are still tendencies for the liquid to leak.

With its luxurious feel, hand washing becomes more appealing and enjoyable. It is a good way to motivate people to frequently wash their hands not just for the feel that the foaming soap dispenser provides, but also for the health benefits that they will get.

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