Working Baby Boomers – Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Working baby boomers? Weight loss tips the healthy way…

I have a job in an office what do I do about eating right?

No problem, just use common sense…

Treat any vending machine like an open flame… Don’t go near them, don’t touch them, everything they contain is processed to one degree or another.

Processed foods are the second biggest enemy to healthy eating right behind sugar. Eliminate these two items from your diet and watch the pounds disappear, and your overall health improves.

Well I have to eat so what do I eat?

What you bring from home… no guessing about what your food contains if you made the meal in your own kitchen.

Bring sensible snacks from home, apples, pears, bananas, hard-boiled eggs, celery (don’t forget the raw peanut butter… Yum)… Raw nuts, almonds, cashews and especially walnuts.

How about coffee and tea for baby boomers? Lots of both around the office for working boomers.

We drink both, I drink my coffee black and I probably drink 3 cups a day. Remember this does not apply to decaffeinated coffee, chemicals are used to remove the caffeine and you should avoid such products.

My bride puts cream in her coffee… Just make sure it’s the real stuff, from a cow. Read the label.

If you have an insulated bag… You can keep all these things cool, probably wouldn’t hurt to stick the bag in the refrigerator in the break room.

Especially make sure that you keep things like the raw nuts in Ziploc bags in your desk. These do not have to be refrigerated and you can snack on these as much as you desire.

You will soon find that raw nuts are also very filling and satisfying.

A mixture of raw, non-roasted almonds and raw walnuts are always in our car and in my golf bag. They not only taste great, they are filling, and they are good for you.

So what about lunch away from work. It’s perfectly fine to go out with your coworkers occasionally, just use your common sense do not eat anything you would not prepare at home.

If you can or prefer to brown bag. That’s even better, you know exactly what you are eating, you have the control.

I love almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter. You get the picture as long as it is produced from non-roasted nuts and contains no other ingredients. You cannot go wrong.

I just love celery dipped in those butters… It will fill you up, you will lose weight, you will look better, and your liver will thank you.

So you might have to stir it up a little bit to get the oil mixed in and make it smooth, or crunchy if you prefer, it is still butter… yum!

You will learn which types of bread are acceptable so you can have a sandwich. Add a few pieces of fruit and you’re all set.

Remember weight loss by itself… Is not a goal we should aspire to as baby boomers. If it’s not done the healthy way we can damage our bodies, and invariably gain the weight back in the future.

These are common sense tips that any working baby boomer can employ. Enjoy.

Source by Gary Pierce

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